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Model PTB-120-8 Mounting Bracket For
Pole Top Transmission Insulators

Model PTB-120-8 Mounting Bracket provides a secure, convenient method for mounting pole top transmission insulators.  The bracket will accommodate insulators through 230 KV having either 7/8" center bolt or 5" bolt circle bases.  Attachment to the pole is by means of through bolts.  The bracket shape accommodates a wide range of pole diameters.  Photos below illustrate the trim silhouette of a typical installation and details of the pole contact area.


Materials - Steel plate, ASTM A-36, hot dip galvanized.  Continuous fillet welding.

Bracket Top - 1/2" x 6 1/2" diameter.  Eight 11/16" holes on a 5" bolt circle, 15/16" center bolt hole.

Bracket - 3/8" formed steel plate.  Two 15/16" diameter holes for 7/8" through-bolts.

Bolts and Washers - Selected and supplied by customer as required by pole diameters and individual construction standards.


Catalog Data

Catalog No.: PTB-120-8

Weight (each): 30 1/2 lbs






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