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Introduction to Columbia MFG., LLC

Management of Columbia Manufacturing (Columbia) has been involved in the development of and sales of products used in the Electric Utility Industry for over 40 years.

Columbia Manufacturing was organized to bring together design, manufacturing and marketing aspects from companies well identified and recognized in their respective fields to produce products with advanced design features and operational benefits.

A family of rotationally molded polyethylene above grade and flush mounted secondary pedestals have been designed with production starting in November 1996. These pedestals are, at the purchaser’s option, available with pre-installed or pre-packaged connectors and covers.

The individual companies that are producing components for Columbia Manufacturing are leaders in their own field and are ISO 9002 certified, indicating the level of commitment they and Columbia Manufacturing have made to quality control assurance.

Bonar Plastics, Inc., a multi-national organization, has three rotational molding plants in North America. All of Columbia’s pedestals are produced in one or more of these extensive plants and shipped to Columbia’s facility for assembly. Connector Manufacturing Co. (CMC) is a well recognized name in the electrical industry, producing aluminum connectors for the past 25 years. CMC is Columbia’s supplier for the various connectors, which can be provided as an option for all pedestals.

Columbia has worked extensively with a graphics company that has developed an adhesive backed flexible vinyl, which will adhere to polyethylene, PVC, and Teflon surfaces. With this option, Columbia can provide factory applied graphics as required, or supply the graphics in bulk to a user with the assurance that a compatible adhesive bond results in field applications.

Columbia also offers the option for utilities to have their own logo, name and other pertinent data integrally molded into the pedestals, through the use of mold inserts, allowing full customization of these products.

Other Columbia product classifications included:

We encourage your inquiries and thank you for consideration in allowing Columbia Manufacturing to become a supplier for your firm.

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