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Standoff and Support Brackets for Conduit

Single Conduit Standoff Bracket
Provides standoff separation between the pole and conduit, giving the lineman an added measure of safety against accidental ground contact to the conduit and eliminating the potential danger of belting off around the grounded conduit riser.  Attaches to pole with two 7/16" lag screws.  For conduit diameters through 5".  Galvanized steel band standard, aluminum band available by special order.


Cat. No Part No. A Band
Carriage Bolts Wt. Each
B-18 65404 7 1/2" 2' Two 3/8" x 1 1/4" with round washer and lock washer 1 2/4 lbs.
B-18-5 65415 4 1/2" 2' 2 lbs

Multiple Conduit Stand-off Bracket Adapter
The B-20 adapter converts the B-18 and B-18-5 to multi conduit use.  Accommodates two conduits through 5" diameter.  Attaches with same 3/8" bolts furnished with basic bracket described above.


Cat. No Part No. Machine Bolt Wt. Each
B-20 65423 3/8" x 5" bolt, 3/8" curved washer and lock washer 1 2/4 lbs.


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